AJAX Integral Engine-Compressors


An AJAX integral engine-compressor is the premier product for gas gathering and production worldwide. Each model is capable of delivering over 98% availability with minimal maintenance.

Relying upon a unique, compact integral design, their conservative operating speed and large compressor cylinder valve areas permit Ajax integrals to move more gas per horsepower than any competitive product.  

Each 2200, 2800 or 3400 Series model retains the following standard features to meet or exceed any gas compression requirement:  

  • Integral engine-compressor design for higher efficiency - 148 to 970 hp
  • Slower operating speed reduces heat and friction on moving parts
  • Two-cycle engine configuration for maximum reliability and simplified maintenance
  • Long compressor stroke with large cylinder valve area for more production per horsepower
  • Completely packaged and portable
  • Common crankshaft
  • Heavy duty governor
  • Oversized, dry-type air filter
  • Segmented packing
  • Single-skid construction
  • Surge bottles
  • Matched separators
  • Interconnecting process gas pipework
  • Instrument control panel
  • Process cooler


  • Hydraulic fuel injection
  • Babbit sleeve and/or double row tapered roller bearings
  • Power cylinders chrome plated, low BMEP. No inlet or exhaust valves
  • Babbit crossheads
  • Splash lubrication.  Main and connecting rod bearings – no oil pump, filters or cooler
  • Power and compressor cylinder lubrication system – Pump to Point or Divider Block
  • Compressor cylinders with large gas passages and valve flow areas. Poppet valves.
  • Lowest valve velocities available